Something Different on Penang Island

It’s the time of year that I take my annual vacation with this year being Malaysia – Penang to be specific! I’m super excited about it and have decided that I would try to do something with this vacation than what I traditionally do. I’ve been taught that I should budget out and plot my entire vacation which I have always done for, oh, five years now. It’s worked out well enough but I’ve begun to feel as if I’m creating too many restrictions for myself. So this year I’m renting a car through and from there I’m just going to see what happens.

I want an emergent experience. I want to be guided by my impulses and curiosity instead of following an itinerary of my own creation. It’s nice and all, it really does help focus you so you’ll have the most ‘fun’ but I cannot help but think that I might be missing something whenever I do it like this. There’s a lot to explore in a city which can no doubt feel overwhelming and why it might be smart to plot out a vacation. Half the joy of travelling comes from exploring, I think, which is why I’ll focus more on that.

It’s exciting to realize that I don’t have any plans. I have a couple of spots marked for visit but beyond that I want to just go. Go without worry about a schedule or to have the pressure of needing a place to be at a certain time. I have enough of that whenever I’m home. A vacation should be an experience that is nothing like what you experience on a day to day basis. It should be spent reminding yourself that you’re not just a drone and that you can do something different with your life